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I am a Bangkok based photographer. I have earned an Undergraduate degree in Film Productions from Mahidol University International College and an MFA in Photography from Academy of Arts University.


Being born into the conservative culture of a typical Thai-asian family,
I grew up exposed to the more liberal western mindset through 
international education. Through this education I found myself confined by the social norm that values what people think over how they feel, and drove me to search for a medium that would allow me to become vocal and freely express who I am as a person. Through photography and art I have found that medium.


My work is a reflection of my core belief; that there is no greater discovery than that of one self. We possess an alluring yet mysterious qualities within us. The freedom to think and feel, to see what we want to see, and become what we want to be.


"Through silence and subtlety, we speak the loudest."

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